Off topic For a Quick Proud Mama Moment

So, I took this week off from blogging in order to get through our dance studio's 15th Annual Spring Showcase. We finished up tonight and I am so relieved.

My classes worked super hard to get to today, but if you had asked me last week I might have told you that we were in for an epic disaster. A mere two weeks ago my girls were making me nervous. Some of them didn't know their dances, we had girls out of town or sick. One class didn't have all their people together for the last few classes until tonight. All in all, this dance teacher did not sleep a single wink last night.

Then came the stress that was dress rehearsal. But, as it goes in show business, a crappy dress rehearsal usually leads to a good show. And tonight really was a good show!!! In fact the littlest dancers who barely made it through rehearsal, some bursting into tears at the sight of the big high school stage, pulled it together for the show and got out and danced. Every last one. I was so proud.

But, if I may brag for just a moment, my little Snowflake really got out there and danced her little heart out. And it wasn't that she was perfect. And it wasn't that she was the best (she wasn't). No, it was that she came home every day after school for months and practiced, practiced, practiced. She worked so hard and wanted to do so well. And for sure she has some talent (she is the dance teacher's daughter after all), but like so many other things in life, talent is great, but it is hard work that will really take you places. So, it was watching her work hard and seeing her pride and satisfaction when it paid off that really warmed my heart as a mother. Go, baby girl, go!

Thanks for letting me brag for a moment. Every mom should get to do that every once in a while.

Go ahead. Share your favorite kiddo moment. And in the meantime I will see everyone back here next week so that we can discuss the rhetoric of what we call "choice" in this country.