A good book on the Mommy Wars

I got sidetracked.

This is pretty routine for me actually. I was writing about the mommy wars and then...boom. Tangent. For anyone wondering what happened to my June topic, I didn't quite forget about it. Instead I got caught up doing research and found the most AMAZING thing!

It is a funny thing about writing. You can think you have the most incredible, relevant idea in the world, but since the idea is not born in a cultural vacuum, it is entirely possible that another human being...possibly one even smarter and better written than you, is out there working on the exact same idea.

This is what happened to me. I worked on my thesis from 2002-2007 when I finally graduated (Why so long you ask? Because during graduate school I met my husband, got engaged, lost my future father-in-law, got married and had our first child....busy, busy). Unbeknownst to me, at the same time, a wonderful author, Miriam Peskowitz was about to publish her book, The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars. While my thesis definitely approaches this topic in a slightly different and more anthropological vein, our material and many of our conclusions are dead on together. How cool is that! The funny thing is I just stumbled upon this book a couple weeks ago. I was totally unaware of its existence until I was surfing the topic of the Mommy wars one day. Upon its discovery I, of course, immediately requested it at the library.

Anyway, I got caught up reading this informative book and since it takes me three weeks in mom-time to finish a book, I am not quite finished yet. I would like to say, while we are still in our month dedicated to the topic, that I definitely recommend it if you are searching for good reading on the history and cultural influences on the mommy wars. Unless of course you would rather read my thesis.

Check it out here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Truth-Behind-Mommy-Wars/dp/1580051294