The Sad End to The Cat in the Hat (or The War on Parents)

Parents! Stand up and take notice!
This is about vaccination freedom, this is about circumcision freedom, this is about educational freedom, this about freedom to parent as we see fit. This is about a case that sets a very dangerous legal precedent!

Recently this article appeared on ABC news about a couple who has been found criminally negligent for letting their children walk to a local park unsupervised at the ages of 10 and 6. (For the record, I walked a 5 and 2 year old to the park down the street when I was babysitting my neighbor's children at the age of 11.)

In the article it reads, "In Silver Spring, leaving anyone under age 18 unsupervised constitutes neglect."

Seriously!? Eighteen? So, a driver's license at sixteen, but don't leave your High School kids unsupervised. Good grief, what the hell is this country coming to? Put your kids in front of the t.v., that is the only place they are safe. But, make sure they don't become obese or we can take them from you. And for God's sake, don't let them play outside....I had a friend who was visited by CPS for letting her children play "unsupervised" (she was inside doing dishes) in HER OWN BACKYARD!!! The concern was, she had a gate. Seriously, A GATE, that might be able to be opened. *Facepalm*

And so, on that note, I bring you the very sad, 2015 end to the Cat in the Hat (first written and published in 1957....oh how times have changed).

Our mother came home
and found us, we two
looking out the window
with nothing to do.
She asked all about
what had gone on there that day?
And we told her, we two
that all we did was just play

We did not tell her
 about the Cat in the hat
or Thing 1 or Thing 2,
Oh no, nothing like that.

But before we got
too much further along,
the doorbell rang out
like some kind of gong.

And standing outside,
were two cops, and a man
looking angry and stern,
with a clipboard in hand.

Our mother pulled open
the door with a tug
and asked, “Can I help you?”
to the men on the rug.

“Ma’am, can we please come in?”
Was their brisk reply
And my mother just gasped, and
She muttered, “Oh my”

“I'm afraid that we must Ma’am,
we must speak here with you.

We must come in and talk

about your children, these two.

I am sorry dear mother,
I am sorry to say,
That these kids are too young
To be left here all day.

We all got a phone call
from someone concerned
that your kids were alone,
or so they had learned.

And so I’m afraid
that we will take them away
we will take them, with us

on this cold, cold wet day.

You see dear mother,
It matters not
where you’ve been;
the doctor's, or work,
or visiting kin.

You left them alone
and so now say adieu,
because they can no longer
still live here with you.

And now we arrest you
for being neglectful,
regardless of whether
this fact makes you fretful.”

And THAT my dear friends ,
 well, that is that.
The very sad end
 to the Cat in the Hat.

Get out your pens and your computers and write your local and National government offices. They need to know that parents have the right to decide how to raise their children. Whether we agree or disagree to the different methods of parenting, ultimately your rights are at risk!
And as always, it is time to forget about "Family Values" and focus on Valuing Families!!