Improved Commenting!! (final fix-I hope)

Hello to all of you wonderful readers and Happy Monday!

This is sort of a housekeeping post today, but one that I think is extremely important.

As my blog has grown (and it is really, really growing quickly) I have become ever more distressed about the lack of comments on my posts. I know that some of the things I write are going to be a little on the edge, be a little uncomfortable, or inspire some emotional reactions....that is sort of the point. But, if no one has a chance to yell back at me then the whole "discussion process" is pointless and I might as well shut my laptop, climb back down off of my soapbox and call it a day.

With that being said, I have been looking into options, including changing platforms. After researching it though, as of right now, it makes sense to stay where I am if I can. But, my readers need to be able to weigh in.

Many of you find other ways to contact me with feedback: Facebook, email, text and in-person and I cherish your feedback, both positive and negative. Thank you for taking the time to track me down and caring enough to comment.

And so, without further ado, I present my new 3rd party commenting below. I have swapped out Blogger comments with Discus, and my Beta tester (ie: The Husband) told me that the process is fairly easy and his comment showed up quickly.

So, please, please, please give commenting another try......go back and weigh in on something that you missed out on or just post an "I'm here" in the comments so I know that they are working. I am eager to hear from you.

This blog is useless if we can't discuss the topics I am bringing up.

And again, thank you so much for supporting me in this endeavor. I am overwhelmed by how fast I have grown in such a short period of time and I have my readers to thank for that. You guys are the hurry and pull up your own soapboxes and let's get discussing!