Ready for a Boring 2013

Well it is time to ring in the New Year.

The last year, 2012, was eventful to say the least. Starman ended up in the hospital in February with RSV, got some teeth, learned to walk, started talking, turned 1 and we witnessed his emerging personality. Snowflake lost her first two teeth, learned to read and tie her shoes. Raindrop learned her ABC's and is starting to put sounds to the letters and, as hard as it is to believe, it was less than a  year ago that Raindrop was still struggling with her ongoing potty training issues. Now those tear-filled days, wringing my hands and wondering what I had done wrong as parent or human being, seem like a life-time ago. With any luck the last baby will be easier to potty train. 

It was the year that I lived through the most horrible bout of depression I have ever encountered. It was also the year I found and was rejected by my birth mother and then found and was unexpectedly accepted by my birth father and his family who are happy to have me fly out and meet them whenever I am ready.

This last year also brought us the Aurora theater shooting, the Connecticut massacre, the horror of the Jessica Ridgeway case, the loss of my good friend's son in a tragic car accident and the loss of my mentally ill neighbor, who could have very easily been another Adam Lanza had all the pieces fallen differently.

Last year was what you might call "newsworthy" to say the least. But, like the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times" I am very much looking forward to 2013 being blissfully uneventful. While my adventures have provided much fodder for this blog, I am very much hoping to be boring and completely uninteresting this year. I am hoping this year brings only small moments of contented happiness, small milestones and a deeper focus on the little things in my life. I am worn out on "big" events, both happy and sad. I don't need anything else to "write home about."

So, in the spirit of my new boring life, I am sitting here writing with a sleepy Starman on my lap. The most exciting thing that is happened today is the 10 min I spent listening to his snuffly breathing and it was wonderful. Snowflake is playing PBS kids on our laptop next to me and Raindrop is watching PBS in the family room. All is quiet and still.

It is a good start.