Back in the Saddle

Well, we are back from a wonderful week in the beautiful (and might I add COOLER- temp-wise) Colorado mountains and it is time to get back in the saddle. In addition, the previously mentioned half-finished garden project is now nearly complete and I am posting pictures so that you can be appropriately impressed with my hours and hours of physical labor.

I had planned on getting back to writing about some culturally different approaches to motherhood and income production today. But, since the date now marks an event of great sadness in my beautiful home state, with the horrible massacre in Aurora on the minds of everyone... instead, please take a minute and imagine yourself in my little piece, or peace of solitude.

Mentally sit on my bench, or take a walk down the path. Pause at the grass garden (the little ones on the end are new and will grow to match the old ones) and reflect on how beautiful, how precious and how fast life goes. Then take a minute to send a well-wish or prayer to all of those struggling with the effects of this tragedy. There are so, so many.

I will catch you all another day when we can get back to problems of the world. I just want to be.