Sneak Peek!

Last month I focused on an introduction to myself as well as an introduction to some of the issues that are facing mothers who are trying to combine motherhood and income producton. By using an anthropological framework I am attempting to analyze the socio-economic factors that have created some of the current conditions for families in America.

Looking forward to next month, June is going to be dedicated to exploring the creation and continuation of what is popularly termed, "the mommy wars." Coming up next I am going to explore the various media representations of mothers throughout the last 100 years and how those representations have affected women's "choices" when it comes to work and motherhood. I will also be examining how the rhetoric of "choice" as fueled by the media is perpetuating the tension between women and creating conflicts in opinions on how to "properly" mother. Lastly, we will be epxloring real solutions that are currently being promoted to improve relationships between all mothers.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far in launching this crazy idea. I am looking forward to healthy discussions on improving the lives of every mother in America.